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    CHES 2017-2018 Back to School Parent Letter


    Examples of acceptable uniforms and the guidelines can be found here.


    Prince George's County Public Schools uses the SchoolMAX Student Information System to manage student data, including grades, attendance records, and schedules. The Family Access Portal that allows authorized caretakers to log into SchoolMAX from any computer with an Internet connection and view the child's student information, including current attendance records and assignment scores.  

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    The parent teacher association (PTA) is a national child advocacy association that provides families with resources that benefit children. If you are interested in participating in the local PTA at Carole Highlands Elementary please speak to Ms. Fletcher.


    Carole Highlands Elementary welcomes parent volunteers! Effective January 2007, the Board of Education developed volunteer requirements that must be strictly enforces. The policy requires that volunteers undergo a background check and fingerprinting to ensure safety for students, staff and fellow volunteers at schools

    1. Volunteers and mentors working in a capacity where uncontrolled access is anticipated, such as those working with students in an unsupervised capacity on school grounds, off of school property, or after school are required to be fingerprinted and complete a full Fingerprint Background Check and form.

    2. Volunteers working in a capacity where no uncontrolled access is anticipated on a one time basis only, or on a sporadic basis, do not need to be fingerprinted, i.e. parents volunteering for career day, book fairs, school dances, or other one time events.

    3. Parents and volunteers who volunteer in a classroom on a regular basis in a supervised setting must obtain a Commercial Background Check through PGCPS on an annual basis.

    4. Chaperones who will participate in a day field trip or an overnight school trip are considered to be volunteers and must undergo a Commercial Background Check initiated by PGCPS through the Fingerprinting Office before performing duties.

    *All field trip chaperones and volunteers who work in the classroom on a regular basis MUST undergo a background check and be fingerprinted. This can be done at :

    Fingerprinting Office
    14201 School Lane, 
    Temp 472 (rear of building) Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

    If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your child's teacher or our Community Outreach Assistant, Ms. Moreno.