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    The school hours are 7:45 AM - 1:55 PM. Students should not arrive at school before 7:25 AM. Upon arrival, all students (bus riders, walkers & car riders) will go directly to the classroom. All students will have breakfast in their classrooms at 7:30 AM. Any student arriving after 7:45 AM must report to the office for a late pass (this must be issued for admittance to class).

    Students arriving or leaving by car should use the circle farthest from the main entrance. The circle in front of the main entrance is reserved for buses. If you need to come into the building, please park either in the parking lot or legally along the street. Do not park in the circles or double park in the lot!

    Students arriving by public school bus can find their bus stop by clicking


    Parents requesting early dismissal must pick their child up BEFORE 1:30 p.m. It is recommended that you send a note in to your child’s teacher if you will be picking up your child early from school.


    A late opening will be announced through local radio and television stations. Our school is located in Prince Georges County. You may also check the school district's status at the PGCPS web site.
    1 hour delay: Report to school before 8:45 AM 2 hour delay: Report to school before 9:45 AM


    Early closing of school will be announced through local radio and television stations. Our school is located in Prince Georges County. You may also check the school district's status at PGCPS web site.


    Prince George's County Schools places emphasis on daily reading, mathematics, science, and social studies. Students also receive instruction in music, instrumental music, physical education, computer technology, and library media. Special Education and ESOL departments provide academic support for specific groups of students. Each grade level follows the voluntary state curriculum.


    Prince George's County Public Schools uses the SchoolMAX Student Information System to manage student data, including grades, attendance records, and schedules. The Family Access Portal that allows authorized caretakers to log into SchoolMAX from any computer with an Internet connection and view the child's student information, including current attendance records and assignment scores.For more information about how to use SchoolMax visit here.

    TITLE 1

    Carole Highlands Elementary is identified as a Title 1 school. Title I is a federally funded program reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(NCLB). The purpose of Title I is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high quality education and meet challenging state academic standards. Title 1 schools receive supplementary funding to improve the teaching and learning of children Funds are to be used only for programs that supplement, and do not supplant, the services that would be provided in the absence of these funds. Fore more information about Title 1 services visit the PGCPS Title 1 website.


    More information about our school uniforms can be found here.


    The mission of Carole Highlands Elementary School is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire academic knowledge and skills that will empower them to become valuable and productive members of society.  


    We believe: 
    • All students can be successful learners. 
    • Each student will be held to the highest academic standards and expectations. 
    • Our professional staff will provide a safe, caring and nurturing learning environment. 


    CHES is a community school located in Northern Prince George's county proudly serving students in pre-kindergarten through sixth grades. Built in 1954, CHES celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2006. In 1994, the building was completely renovated and expanded. The school currently houses approximately 600 students. 


    School Colors: Blue & White 

    School Mascot: Eagles 

    School Tree: Dogwood 

    School Flower: Yellow rose 

    School Mission: S.O.A.R.  (Safe, Organized, Accountable, Respectful)