Signs, Labels, Flyers, and Program Information   

Recycling Posters, Signs, and Labels--click here to download
What Goes In My PGCPS Recycling Bin? Activity 
Top 10 Recyclable Items in PG Flyer
Recycle! Stickers and I Packed a Waste Free Lunch! Stickers 
2016 PGCPS Recycling Poster Contest Winner: 5th grade poster
Recycling Oops! CardTrash Oops! Card, Congrats! Card-give feedback on items found in classroom/office recycling bins and trash cans, can be completed by students 
Waste Reduction Plan Template
Administrative Procedure 2810: Recycling Program    
Take the Trash or Recycling? Quiz. Can you guess the correct container for these items? 
School Morning Recycling Announcement Examples
Flip, Tap, Stack trays and containers to reduce the number of trash bags your school uses, View a video of how NYC students Flip, Tap, Stack trays; Printable Poster 
PGCPS Recycling Program Information Flyer (Spanish version available here), Recycling Acceptable and Unacceptable Materials List 
Recycling Program Information and How to Get Started: A Guide to Recycling at School, Recycling in the CafeteriaArchives: Recycling News and Green Team Meeting Recycling Update 

Additional Waste Reduction Ideas and Programs

*New* Sort 2 Save: Step-by-step guide to implementing cafeteria recycling
*New* Double Sided Copying Campaign Guide for Students
Recycle and Win Prizes: Recycle Bowl Competition, America Recycles Day Pledge, Paper Retriever Incentive Program 
Marker and Highlighter Recycling
Plastic bag recycling FAQ's, Plastic Bag Flyer, Plastic Bag and Film Recycling info:, Trex Recycling, Recycling Plastic Bags Video
TerraCycle Recycling: Recycle items and earn money to use for recycling bins and other recycling supplies 
Conduct a Waste Assessment at your school, School Waste Audit
Take the Green Challenge
Reduce flyer
Reuse booklet and flyer 
Recycle Now Information on setting up a school recycling program, lessons, posters 
Waste Free Lunches information printable student worksheets and resources, flyer, toolkit, and 'I Packed a Waste Free Lunch' stickers
Zero Waste Campaign
Waste Reduction Suggestions, Printable Booklets and Flyers NY Department of Environmental Conservation  
Comprehensive Selection of Composing Resources Cornell Waste Management Institute 


Lessons, Activities, and Curriculum Connections 

*New* Make a bird feeder from a reused carton
The Greens Activity Guide--PBS Kids
Garbology--interactive lessons about what we do with our waste
Recycle Bank--recycling education, quizzes and points for recycling
Recycled Crafts and Project Ideas

PGCPS Science Curriculum Framework Connections to Recycling
PGCPS Social Studies Curriculum Framework Connections to Recycling
Recycle Now Information on setting up a school recycling program, lessons, posters
Waste In Place Lessons and Activities Keep America Beautiful 
Recommunity Education Station Recycling lessons, videos and virtual Recycling Facility tour, and more 
Paperrecycles Activities, lessons, and paper recycling information
I Want To Be Recycled Keep America Beautiful 
Green Star Schools waste reduction ideas, resources, and certification program 
Maryland Service Learning and Recycling Service Learning Project Ideas Maryland State Department of Education 
Make a recycling sign using the sun 
Trash Can Quiz: Fun Facts About Trash and Recycling 
Simple Recycling Audit

Celebrations and Contests 

PGCPS Recycles Poster Contest
Recycle Bowl Competition
America Recycles Day
Paper Retriever Incentive Program
2016 MD Department of the Environment's America Recycles Day Rethink Recycling Sculpture Contest

Additional Links

Carton Recycling: Myths vs. Reality
What happens to your trash after you throw it away?
Test your knowledge with the Ultimate Landfill Quiz
Take a tour of the local Recycling Center (Materials Recycling Facility)
Prince George's County Recycling Program, Foam Free In PGC
William S. Schmidt Outdoor Education Center
Maryland Green Schools program  
PG County Clean Up Green Up   


Additional videos

The Story of Stuff 
Recycling Facility Informational Video
How to Reduce Paper Towel Use 
Plastic Bag and Film Recycling Program, Processing Plastic Bags and Film Into Lumber  

Have a suggestion for a resource to add?  Contact us. 


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