Budget & Management Services

Budget Staff

John Pfister, Director - 301-952-6091 
Caren Thorne, Budget Admin Specialist
- 301-952-6090
Ifeoma Smith, Supervising Budget Analyst - 301-780-5916

Budget Analysts & Assignments

Mark Andrews Dana Estep  
301-952-6092 301-952-6094   
Board of Education / Internal Audit   Chief of Strategic & External Affairs  
Chief Executive Officer   Family & Community Engagement  
 Diversity Officer Strategy, Planning & Performance  
  Interpreting & Translation Services Enterprise Program Management  
General Counsel / Office of Appeals   Strategic Resource Planning
Employee & Labor Relations Communications  
  Human Resources Division Ombudsman  
Monitoring, Accountability & Compliance  
Darlene Bond  Nickisha Shell
301-952-6093   301-952-6391  
Chief Operating Officer   Deputy Superintendent  
Pupil Accounting & School Boundaries   Continuous Systemic Improvement  
Chief of Supporting Services   State & Federal Programs  
Building Services Talent Development  
Capital Programs Area Offices  
Security Services   Alternative Programs  
Transportation & Central Garage   Interscholastic Athletics  
    Summer School
  High Schools & Alternative Schools
Lisa Atchison Danyelle Washington
301-952-6053   301-952-6379  
Office of SPED & Student Services   Transforming Neighborhood Schools Initiative
Special Education, Department   Food Services  
Student Services, Department     

LaChaundra Graham    Darlene Houze
301-952-6106 301-952-6779  
Deputy Superintendent, Teaching & Learning          All SBB Elementary & Middle Schools
Arts Integration    
College & Career Readiness    
Curriculum & Instruction     Eugene Overton
Testing, Research & Evaluation     301-952-6328
Charter & Contract School Support     Information Technology Division
Charter Schools  
Even Start    




Sasscer Administration Building
14201 School Lane, Room 112
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 
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