Budget & Management Services

FY 2017 Board of Education Approved Budget
FY17 Proposed Cover
Board of Education
FY 2017 Annual
Operating Budget

           Executive Summary Cover
 Executive Summary 
FY 2017 Approved Budget by Section: 
Citizens Letter
Table of Contents
Financial Plan
School-Based Resources   
Organization Overview & Analysis:
Board of Education   
   Internal Audit   
Chief Executive Officer   
     Diversity Officer 
Strategic & External Affairs 
     Chief of Strategic & External Affairs; Communications; Family & Community Engagement; Strategy,
   Planning & Performance; Enterprise Program Management; Strategic Resource Planning
Chief of Staff 
    General Counsel 
Chief Operating Officer 
    Pupil Accounting & School Boundaries 
Business Management Services   
    Chief Financial Officer; Benefits Administration; Budget & Management Services; Business Operations;
    Payroll Services; Purchasing & Supply; Risk Management & Worker's Compensation; Other Fixed Charges
Information Technology  
    Chief Information Officer; Enterprise Systems; Printing Services; Technology Applications; Technology
    Operations; Technology Support Services; Technology Training
Supporting Services
    Chief Support Services; Building Services, Capital Programs; Food Services; Security Services;
   Transportation & Central Garage  
Deputy Superintendent
Continuous Systemic Improvement; State & Federal Programs; Talent Development
Area Offices
     Area Associate Superintendents; Interscholastic Athletics
Human Resources
    Chief of Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations, Employee Performance & Evaluation;
   HR Operations & Staffing; HR Strategy & Workforce Planning 
Deputy for Teaching & Learning 
      Arts Integration; College & Career Readiness & Innovative Programs; Curriculum & Instruction;
Testing, Research & Evaluation  
Special Education & Student Services
Supplemental Information 

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