Budget & Management Services

FY 2017 Board of Education Approved Budget
FY17 Proposed Cover
Board of Education
FY 2017 Annual
Operating Budget

FY 2017 Approved Budget by Section: 
Citizens Letter
Table of Contents
Financial Plan
School-Based Resources   
Organization Overview & Analysis:
Board of Education   
   Internal Audit   
Chief Executive Officer   
     Diversity Officer 
Strategic & External Affairs 
     Chief of Strategic & External Affairs; Communications; Family & Community Engagement; Strategy,
   Planning & Performance; Enterprise Program Management; Strategic Resource Planning
Chief of Staff 
    General Counsel 
Chief Operating Officer 
    Pupil Accounting & School Boundaries 
Business Management Services   
    Chief Financial Officer; Benefits Administration; Budget & Management Services; Business Operations;
    Payroll Services; Purchasing & Supply; Risk Management & Worker's Compensation; Other Fixed Charges
Information Technology  
    Chief Information Officer; Enterprise Systems; Printing Services; Technology Applications; Technology
    Operations; Technology Support Services; Technology Training
Supporting Services
    Chief Support Services; Building Services, Capital Programs; Food Services; Security Services;
   Transportation & Central Garage  
Deputy Superintendent
Continuous Systemic Improvement; State & Federal Programs; Talent Development
Area Offices
     Area Associate Superintendents; Interscholastic Athletics
Human Resources
    Chief of Human Resources, Employee & Labor Relations, Employee Performance & Evaluation;
   HR Operations & Staffing; HR Strategy & Workforce Planning 
Deputy for Teaching & Learning 
      Arts Integration; College & Career Readiness & Innovative Programs; Curriculum & Instruction;
Testing, Research & Evaluation  
Special Education & Student Services
Supplemental Information 

Sasscer Administration Building
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Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 
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