The Bulldog Bulletin

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The Bulldog Bulletin

A Newsletter for the Students and Families Of

Bond Mill Elementary

December 15, 2017

Visit us At,, and @BondMillES (on Twitter)

Dear Families,

Season’s Greetings to one and all!  2017 is coming to an end! Just one more week of school, then a week of vacation, and at last 2018 will be here.  I hope that 2017 has treated you and your entire family as well as could be!  I have already read the almanac for 2018 and it has predicted that every single one of us will have the best year EVER!!!  So, no matter how your 2017 was, I personally guarantee your 2018 is going to be even better.  Wherever you are going, whatever you are doing over vacation, please enjoy every minute.  Also, please do not forget that school is in session all the way through December 22nd.  At 2pm on December 22nd, vacation officially begins.  We’ll be back here at Bond Mill on TUESDAY, January 2nd.  The next newsletter will be coming home on Friday, January 12th.  If there is anything you need from me between now and then, do not hesitate to ask.  Happy Holidays!!!!                  

                                                                                             Justin FitzGerald                                                                                                         



Important Dates to Remember in November/December:

December 20th Winter Holiday Party for 5th Grade

December 21st Winter Holiday Parties for Kdg-4th Grade, Starting at 12:30

December 22nd Jazzercise Day at Bond Mill

December 23rd-Jan. 1st Winter Vacation. School Closed for Students and Staff

January 2nd School Reopens

January 10th Bond Mill PTO Chick Fil-a-Night, 4pm-8 at Contee Rd. Location

January 15th School Closed in Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 16th Cultural Arts Performances 8am/9am: Cubana

January 17th PTO Board Meeting, 6pm – All Are Welcome to Attend

January 26 Professional Development - Dismissal Begins at 11:50am

January 26th Hospitality Committee Visits the Staff

January 29th Mobile Dentist Returns to Bond Mill

Citizens of the Week -- Congratulations to the following Bulldogs for having been selected as Citizens of the Week: Isaiah Acquah, Jordyn Lyght, Amaya Germain, Marco Traila, Zachary Cuadra, Teni Ayeni, Pedro Padilla, Kimberly Cardona Paz, Addison Proctor, Jayden Atcherson, Riley Galloway, Beatrice Otunuga, Maiya Kvale, Braden Asagaya, Nyla Giles, Andrew Pikas, Jackson Harvey, Maria Lopez, Christian Lancaster, Roselyn Reyes, Kayode Ogunlegan, Lea Aguilar, Loren Davis, Afroja Khan, Farris Ogba, Zachary Richards, Zinnia Pickett, Levi Glover, Adelaide Smith, Zahra Esdaille, Maya Talyowe, Henry Aguilar, Christian Lancaster, Moazzam Ahmad, Kaylianna Sosa, Logan Powell, Charlee Pirrung, Claudia Van der Have, and Asia Perkes.

THANK YOU HOSPITALITY COMMITTEE -- Last week the staff was absolutely spoiled with a delicious brunch courtesy of our Hospitality Committee and the many parents who generously donated money for the cause.  It seriously was the BEST meal!!!!  On behalf of the entire staff, we cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of us.  We are truly beyond fortunate to work at Bond Mill.  THANK YOU!!!

Box Tops Winner!  Thank you to all of the families for sending in so many box tops for our recent Box Tops Contest.  In all, 3,885 box tops were collected!!!!  The class that collected the most (and earned the donut party), was Mrs. Vernor’s 3rd grade class!  The next Box Tops Contest will be announced in February, so start collecting them now.  A special thank you to Bond Mill parent, Melanie Davis, for coordinating our Box Tops efforts.

Bond Mill PTO -- It’s not too late to join! Your $10 membership fee is for the entire school year and helps pay for all of the fantastic events sponsored by the PTO throughout the year. Plus, the class with the highest membership will win a Sweet Frog party! It’s so easy, too - just go to and click on “Join Online.”

Dress for the Cold Weather -- This week’s cold temperatures remind us that the official start to winter is almost here. Please, please, please make sure your child comes dressed for the cold temperatures.  We will still be going out for recess, unless the temperature dips below freezing (32 degrees).  You would be surprised how many children try to take their coats, hats, and/or gloves off when outdoors, so please remind them to keep their warm clothes on whenever they are at recess or PE outdoors.

Bond Mill Spirit Wear!!!   We JUST finished getting our new Spirit Wear set up with a different vendor. We’re super excited about the options that are available.  To purchase, simply go to the following link: Turn-around time from point of purchase to delivery here at school is typically 10-14 days, so if you are ordering soon, you should be able to get it before the holidays.

Honor Roll Assemblies -- This year, we are trying something new with our Honor Roll Assemblies. Rather than having four, we will be having two.  We’ll have a mid-year and end-of-year Honor Roll Assembly.  The reason is that we need more instructional time in the classrooms.  Between Cultural Arts performances, testing, two-hour early dismissals, field trips, etc., we’ve found that we need to get more actual teaching time in the classroom. Two fewer assemblies may not seem like a huge difference, but believe me, it will be!  We will still be giving out Honor Roll certificates, Principal Awards, and The Golden Shoe each quarter, but those for the first and third quarters will now be given in the classroom.   

Really Easy Fundraising Opportunities -- Did you know that you can earn money for the school just by shopping at your favorite stores? All you have to do is register your card each school year (online or at the store) and designate Bond Mill as the recipient school. The Bond Mill codes are 00385 for Giant, 1674 for Harris Teeter, and 58280 for Target. Each time you shop at these stores, we will receive a portion of what you spend! So far this school year, we have earned $614.30 with only 89 participants who have designated Bond Mill as the recipient school. Imagine what we could earn if all of families signed up! Even if you shop infrequently at Giant, every little bit helps! Thank you.

Bond Mill Lost and Found -- is still overflowing!  Next time you’re at school, please stop by and check for any items your child may be missing. You can also help by putting your child’s name on all of his/her outwear (coats, jackets, hats, gloves, lunch boxes, backpacks, etc.) so we can return lost items to them.   

Please Make a New Year Resolution -- to have your children at school on time every day in the New Year. Please remember that students can enter the building at 7:30am (7:20 if they’re getting breakfast), and the late bell rings at 7:45am. So, they should be in their seats and ready to start their morning work by 7:45. Having to escort late children to their classrooms is disruptive to both the class and to staff. Please help all of us get a stress-free start to the day by having your child at school on time. Thank you!  

Ellen.Morgan@PGCPS                      News from the Health Room                        240-547-4611

Smiles Programs the mobile Dentist will be visiting on January 29, 2018.  If you would like your child to be seen, just complete a form and return it to me by that date. Grants are available on an as-needed basis. Also, please join us for Jazzercise on December 22nd!  This activity is part of our Healthy School Initiative. Finally, I would like to wish everyone a healthy, happy, holiday season!

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