The Bulldog Bulletin

The Bulldog Bulletin

A Newsletter for the Students and Families Of

Bond Mill Elementary

December 12, 2014

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Dear Families,

            Seasons Greetings to one and all!   Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now our sights are firmly set on winter vacation!  Only five short days of school are left,  then the students will be off for two full weeks.  Please make sure you realize that vacation begins at 2:10pm on December 19th and lasts through January 4th.  School reopens on Monday, January 5th…  2015!  Just a friendly reminder that classroom holiday parties will be on Thursday, December 18th at 12:30.  As is always the case when we have an event, parking will be in high demand.  Please do not double-park or block anyone in, avoid parking next to any yellow-painted curbs, and please make sure our neighbors on Sherwood Avenue have access to their driveways.  The next newsletter will be coming home on Friday, January 16th.  If there is anything you need between now and then, do not hesitate to contact me.  In closing the last Bulldog Bulletin of 2014, allow me to be the first to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 

                                                                                                            Justin FitzGerald

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    Important Dates to Remember in December and January:

December 15th             Hospitality Committee Visits the Staff

December 16th             Jazzercising at Bond Mill During the School Day

December 17th             PTO Board Meeting at 2:30pm; All Are Welcome to Attend

December 18th             Classroom Holiday Parties Begin at 12:30

December 19th             Progress Reports Released

December 20th-Jan. 4th Winter Vacation

January 5th                    School Reopens

January 7th                    PTO Board Meeting at 6:30pm, All Are Welcome to Attend

January 14th-20th          Yoga at Bond Mill During the School Day

January 14th                  Bond Mill PTO Chick Fil A Night, Contee Rd. Location, 4pm-9

January 19th                  School Closed in Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 21st                  Cultural Arts Performance:  “Games Around the World”

January 23rd                  End of Second Quarter

January 26th                  School Closed for Students.  Grading/Planning Day


Bond Mill Citizens of the Week:   Congratulations to the following Bulldogs for being selected as Citizens of the Week:  Ameer Anvari, Makenzie French, Jacqueline Campos Martinez, Demerius Custis, Selah Dickens, Rayan Amimi, Jaycia Gilmore, Oluwakayode Ogunlegan, Delaney McGinnis, Nigel Martin, Addison Proctor, Elizabeth Kuria, Alain Chi, Trina Springs, Martin McCall, Grant Schweiss, Star Davis, Makayla Thompson, Mark Ofwono, Orlian Lambe, Isaiah Kollore, Biruk Sibani, Cailey Dawkins, Elijah Johnson, Maranna Nwozo, Dailyn Reyes, Courtney Akateh, Adam Rinker, Devaria Dunston, Odessa Hablero, Mathias Kvale, Jenelle Bredwood, Jevon Davis, Dawda Saine, Ciara South, Saidah Raphael, Tiami Foster, Ashlee Scott, Zainab Ashiru, Kaitlyn Hendershot, Evelyn Wiredu, Marissa Thigpen, Haley Bateman, and Sydney Endres.  Keep up the FANTASTIC and OUTSTANDING work!!!!


Bond Mill Coat Drive        :  Our wonderful Student Council has organized a Coat Drive to help support families in need.  We are asking for you to donate any new or gently used winter jackets.  If they are used, please make sure they are clean and in good condition.  We will take the jackets donated to us and give them to needy children in the community.   We are accepting donations now, so please take a moment to check your closet for nice but outgrown winter coats.

New Procedures When Checking Into the Office:   Our PGCPS CEO, Dr. Kevin Maxwell, has purchased the “Raptor” computer program for school offices throughout the county.  As is always the case, when visiting Bond Mill the first thing you must always do is report directly to the main office.  With the new process, if you are planning on going to another part of the building (classroom, cafeteria, etc.), you will need to provide your driver’s license to the office staff.  Your license will then be inputted into the “Raptor” system.  In addition to doing a background check, it will also print out your visitor’s pass.  This new process will begin when we return from winter vacation.  Once everyone gets the hang out it, the process will be quite efficient.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Advance THANK YOU to Our Wonderful Hospitality Committee:  Even though the next luncheon won’t be until next week, we want to be sure to thank our amazing Hospitality Committee for what we know will be a most delicious luncheon. Each and every month, we look forward to that special day when you treat us to a different assortment of main dishes, salads, and desserts – such a tasty and most appreciated gift!

Really Easy Fundraising Opportunities:   Just a reminder that there are several opportunities to earn money for the school just by shopping at your favorite stores! These include Giant Food’s A+ Bonus Bucks, Harris Teeter’s Together in Education, and Target’s Take Charge of Education programs. All you have to do is register your card each year (online or at the store) and designate Bond Mill as the recipient school. The school codes for these programs are 00385 for Giant, 1674 for Harris Teeter, and 58280 for Target. Each time you shop at these stores, even if it’s only once in a while, we will receive a portion of what you spend. Fundraising couldn’t be easier!


Finally, a Few “Housekeeping” Reminders:

  • If you change your address and/or telephone number, please let the office know immediately.
  • Please do not drop off your child until 7:20, when staff will be on duty to watch them.
  • Please try to minimize changes in after-school dismissal plans, but if you need to make a change, send a note in the morning or email/call the school by 1:30 to let us know.
  • If your child is late to school (arriving after 8:00am), please come into the office with the child to check him/her in.


Ellen Morgan, RN                                 News from the Health Room                                   240-547-4611

As part of our Healthy School Initiative, the students will be participating in a Jazzercize assembly on December 16th. Please make sure they wear clothes and shoes that are easy to move in. And please feel free to come in and join us!   


 I would also like to wish everyone a joyous and healthy holiday season.  Try to find some time to get up and move! Remember - exercise can alleviate some of the stress we all feel this time of year!


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