• The Bulldog Bulletin

    The Bulldog Bulletin

    A Newsletter for the Students and Families of

    Bond Mill Elementary

    March 23rd, 2018

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    Dear Bond Mill Families,

        Greetings once again!  ENOUGH MOTHER NATURE!!!  After two more days off this week, I’m officially waving the white towel… we surrender!!!  NO MORE SNOW/WIND/ICE – JUST SUNSHINE AND TEMPERATURES IN THE 60’s!!!! With the most recent days off, our Spring Break is going to be significantly impacted.  As it stands right now, we will be in school on April 4th, 5th, and 6th.  These are make-up days from the many days off.  The last day of school for this school year will be June 15th.  If there are any adjustments made to these dates by MSDE and PGCPS, I’ll be sure to immediately inform you via Robo-Call/e-mail. Congratulations to our extraordinary Drama Club.  Their first performance of “Gone With the Breeze” was tremendous! I couldn’t be more proud of everyone associated with the Drama Club. The Drama Club community performance is tomorrow (Saturday, March 24th) at 2pm.  The next newsletter will be coming home on Friday, April 20th. If there is anything you need between now and then, do not hesitate to contact me.  Have a great weekend!

    Justin FitzGerald


    Important Dates to Remember in March/April/May:

    March 27th Hospitality Committee Visits the Staff

    March 28th Grand“Friends” Day

    March 29th Opening Day for Baseball!  Wear Your Favorite MLB Jersey/Shirt

    March 29th 2 Hour Early Dismissal – Dismissal Begins at 11:50am


    March 30th-April 3rd School Closed for Spring Break

    April 4th-6th School Will Be In Session… These Are Snow Make Up Days

    April 10th Bond Mill Science Fair Night, 6:30pm

    April 11th Bond Mill PTO Chick Fil A Night, Contee Road Location

    April 19th 1st Grade Performance of “Bugz”, 8:15am and 6:30pm

    May 2nd     Bond Mill Spring Concert: 8am and 6:30pm

    May 3rd Bond Mill PTO Night at Outback Steakhouse

    May 4th Bond Mill Career Day

    May 9th Side By Side (K-2nd) Summer Activities Workshop

    May 19th Bond Mill PTO Spring Carnival

    Citizens of the Week -- Congratulations to the following Bulldogs for having been selected as Citizens of the Week: Lilly Roeder, Marcello Norwood, Jakob Hawkins, Inioluwa Sule, Christopher Reyes Hernandez, Bryce Fulda, Anthony Green, Alex Asagaya, Jerson Marroquin Burgos, Cristiano Cunanan, Julio Leandro, Tony Rodriguez, Alain Chi, Tamia Smith, Brielle Brewster, Yasmin Portillo, Julianna Woolridge, Riley Godbout, Michelle Leon, Umar Khan, Rachelle Khan, Marck Mulligan, Kelvin Stewart, Brenden Turkson, Montel Harper, and Avril Hsu.

    Snow/Wind Day Make-Ups -- This week, we had some unseasonal weather – it’s spring already! The closure on Wednesday and Thursday will impact our Spring Break even more.  As it stands right now, we will now have school on April 4th, April 5th, and April 6th.  PGCPS has applied for a waiver for at least one of those days to be forgiven by Governor Hogan.  At the time of printing the newsletter, we still have not heard if the waiver has been granted. So, at the present time, assume that we will be having school on April 4th, April 5th and April 6th.  If we receive word about any changes, we will let you know immediately.

    GrandFriends Day -- GrandFriends Day has sneaked up on us this year. Once again, I blame Mother Nature!  GrandFriends Day will be this Wednesday, March 28th.  Please pay attention to your child’s teacher’s directions, for he/she will communicate the exact time they want our GrandFriends to come to school.  Parking is a nightmare around Bond Mill on GrandFriends Day, so be prepared to park on Sherwood Avenue and Bond Mill Road. I will be driving the “Bond Mill Shuttle”, picking up as many people as I can. So, if you see a guy in a silver Honda Accord asking you to get in his car, IT’S ME (Justin)… you can trust me.

    LifeTouch Spring Pictures -- HUUUUUGE thanks to…  Marnette Schweiss, Krista McCall, Jessica Lancaster, and Christine Pillai. The four of them helped our recent LifeTouch Picture Days go as smooth as silk.  Having parent volunteers like them is really what makes Bond Mill such a special school. I’ve worked in other schools and believe me, the level of support we experience is second to none!

    Late Buses -- Many of you who have students who ride the bus have noticed some changes to pick up times in the morning. We communicate regularly with the Laurel Bus Lot and Office of Transportation for assistance in problem solving.  The answer we have been given is that the later pick up times in the morning are a result of a temporary driver shortage. They are expecting it to be a short-term problem. My fingers are crossed that there will be more drivers hired and deployed to the Laurel Bus Lot.  If you have any questions, you are always welcome to call the Laurel Bus Lot directly at 301-497-3665.

    This Time of Year…  Children have a tendency to get a little bit restless (adults too).  Especially with Spring Break being shortened, I anticipate more restlessness.  We’ll be often reminding the students of the rules/expectations for in the classroom, at lunch, on the playground, walking home, and taking the bus.  Please also remind your child what your expectations are. In doing so, we’ll be able to continue to keep the focus on children making good decisions.

    Yearbook Pre-Orders, Please Get Them In Now!!! -- The 2017-2018 Bond Mill Yearbook is on sale NOW. It is always a fantastic representation of the entire year at Bond Mill, so pre-order your copy today!!!  You can do so with the paper order form that was sent home, or by going online to www.ybpay.lifetouch.com (use access code 2426818). The standard yearbook price is $20. Enhancements and add-ons are available at additional fees, which are listed on the order form. All pre-orders must be received by March 29th – no exceptions! A limited quantity of standard books will be available for sale at a later date. However, to guarantee you get a copy, please submit your pre-order and any enhancements no later March 29th. To repeat, pre-ordering a yearbook by March 29th is the ONLY way to guarantee you can get one!  

    A Word or Two From Mrs. Folks (Registrar) -- This is the time of year we start registrations.  Please tell your friends and neighbors that KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION begins after spring break beginning on April 10 from 9 am to 1:00 pm. in our office. Kindergarten registration is ongoing but we’d like to register our new little ones as early as possible.  The child must be five years of age by September 1, 2018 and must live in our Bond Mill boundary area. For registration, you will need parent(s) picture ID, original birth certificate, a current list of immunizations from doctor's office, and proof of residence.  Proof of residence may be established with any of the following documents:  lease/rental contract that is notarized by landlord or a commercial lease on official letterhead.  A commercial lease that is signed electronically must be accompanied by original letter by the property owner. If you own, you can bring settlement papers, deed of property, recent mortgage statement, or current property tax bill.  If you are in a Shared Housing situation, request a Shared Housing form that will need to be notarized and accompanied by proof of residence.  Two pieces of recent mail must be presented at the time of registration. All documents must be originals and settlement papers and leases must be signed and dated.

            Registration is ongoing for our fifth graders, who will be transitioning to middle school. Parents should come to our office as soon as possible to fill out the registration form and provide proof of residence (see above).  If a student is going to a charter school, private school, or out of county school for sixth grade, please write a letter stating that for documentation purposes, and give to me in lieu of MLK, Jr. Middle School registration. 

           Shared Housing:  If you are in a shared housing situation, you must renew now by filling out another Shared Housing form, having it notarized, showing proof of residence for the person you are living with, plus presenting two pieces of current mail addressed to you at that address.  Students can be withdrawn without this `documentation. Request a Shared Housing form from our office.  Please be sure to come in as soon as possible to take care of this. Please do not hesitate to call me for any clarification or help (301-497-3600).

    Yearbook Pictures -- The Yearbook staff needs pictures from all grade levels for the 2017-2018 BMES Yearbook. They are especially interested in first-day-of-school group shots, field trips, and in-class event photos. If you have pictures that you would like to be considered for the yearbook, please email them to BondMillYearbook@gmail.com. If you have more than 20 high quality pictures to submit, please contact Keisha Dominguez at KeishaMD3@gmail.com for direct upload access. Note: When submitting pictures from cell phones, please do not reduce the size as it distorts the quality of the image.

    AmazonSmile Donations -- AmazonSmile is a simple, automatic way for you to shop on Amazon for your items and donate a portion of your sales to Bond Mill Elementary. Just shop as you normally would on Amazon, but use the link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/45-0593580, and all proceeds will go to Bond Mill. Happy shopping!

    Ellen.Morgan@PGCPS                      News from the Health Room                 240-547-4611


    Following these simple tips will allow your child to come to school ready to learn.  If your child eats breakfast at home, make sure it includes some type of protein.  If your child is going to eat breakfast at school, please make sure he/she gets here on time.  Also make sure your child goes to bed the same time every night and avoid any type of screen time at least an hour before bedtime.  This allows brains to quiet down. Children who are well fed and rested are ready to participate in a full day of instruction.