The Bulldog Bulletin

The Bulldog Bulletin

A Newsletter for the Students and Families Of

Bond Mill Elementary

December 16, 2016

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Dear Families,

Happy Holidays to one and all!  Welcome to the FINAL newsletter of 2016!  2016 has not only been quite a year at Bond Mill, it has been quite a year for our country as a whole.  I truly believe that 2017 is going to be extraordinary!  I’m super excited to find out what the new year has in store for me personally and professionally. One thing I do know - the best part of my 2017 professional experience will be having you a part of it.  Together, we will make the most of every opportunity presented to us.  As we close out 2016, I want to extend one final giant THANK YOU to the entire Bond Mill community.  Bond Mill is the tremendous school it is because every child, parent, and staff member is dedicated to doing whatever it takes for us to succeed.  I honestly could not ask for more.  Thank you, thank you, thank you…   a million times over, THANK YOU!  Wherever you are going, whatever you are doing over vacation, please be safe and have fun!  School reopens for business on TUESDAY, January 3, 2017.  The next newsletter will be coming home on Friday, January 13th.  If you need anything between now and then, do not hesitate to contact me.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!

Justin FitzGerald



Important Dates to Remember in November/December/Early January:

December 20th Hospitality Committee Visits the Staff

December 20th Zumba Day At Bond Mill (Wear Clothing for Exercise)

December 21st Classroom Holiday Parties (Follow Your Child’s Teacher’s Directions)

Dec 23rd-Jan 2nd School Closed for Winter Vacation

January 3rd School Reopens

January 11th Bond Mill Chick Fil A Night at the Contee Rd. Location, 4pm-9

January 16th School Closed.  Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

January 20th School Closed for Students.  Grading/Planning Day

January 24th Hospitality Committee Visits the Staff

Citizens of the Week   Congratulations to the following students for being selected as Citizens of the Week. November 14: Kathryn Hughes, Kaori Venable, Alan Nguyen, Daniella Monterrey, Shilah Blanc, Ryan Galloway, Kidus Michael, Anjanine Kvale, Armando Herrera, Stacy Flores, Zoie Nicholson, Caylee Gonzalez Vasquez, Gibrilla Bangura, Gemma Pillai, Demetrius Capers, Amina Rodriquez, Sneha Jose, Hannah Jones, Kisakye Kirabo, Jeffrey Esquivel, Thara Pillai. November 28: Jackson Harvey, Elliana Wilson, Tiana Valentin, McKenzie Martin, Alison Griffith, Dwayne Estrada, Rylee Perkes, Landon Lawall, Jazmin Duarte, Jaylyn Hill, Martin McCall, Manal Irfan, Claudia van der Have, Quincy Griffith, David Grady, Fatima Yousuf, Kamran Amimi. December 5: Ellie Carr, Humayda Idris, Umar Khan, Avaneesh Jannapally, Kenzie Murphy, Jayla Brew, Tristian Turner, Samantha Thompson, Makayla Renwick, Lea Aguilar, Mariama Bah, Mulungi Kirabo, Tamira Foster, Jayden Atcherson, Ella Quillin, Cailey Dawkins, Kadida Belay, Sophia Amimi, Kerlee Scott, Faraz Siddiqui. December 12: Mason Hishmeh, Maya Talyowe, Blake Akers, Kori Thomas, Anthony Green, Brooklyn Batte, Marissa Zamora, Zachary Cuadra, Noah Lancaster, Ariel McGodman, Kaliyah Lake, Natasha Brown, Savanna Whitley, Andrew Campos, Anderson Lambert, Kevin Wagner-Feick, Jadon Le, Olivia Dickerson, Lesley Laryea, and Zachary Curtin.

Winter Concert Success  During the day yesterday and then again at night, our 4th and 5th graders put on a tremendous Winter Concert!  Thank you to the 4th and 5th grade students for helping us celebrate the holidays in style!  The chorus, band, and instrumental students were absolutely awesome!  Additional thanks to Chorus Director Rolanda Brown, DJ Kristen Ruiz, and our Band/Instrumental Director Patrick FitzGerald for their tireless efforts to help make the concert a success.  

Hospitality Committee Visits Staff   Just before the Thanksgiving break, the staff was treated to another delicious lunch, courtesy of the extraordinary Hospitality Committee.  As I look at the calendar next week, I see that the Hospitality Committee is scheduled to visit the staff again.  Seriously, how lucky are we??!!  When everyone is at their busiest, the Hospitality Committee STILL finds time to spoil the staff. We really are the most fortunate school!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Box Top Contest   Thank you to everyone who recently participated in the Box Tops contest!  We are happy to announce that Ms. Scepura’s kindergarten class won the contest and was recently treated to a Sweet Frog party!  Keep an eye out for the next Box Top contest coming to Bond Mill soon!

School Closings/Delays/Early Dismissal    With colder weather coming, there also is an increased possibility of school closings, delayed openings, or early dismissals.  Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the distinctions.  School Closing = School is closed (DUH!!!) , Two-Hour Delay = School opens at 9:30am, Two Hour Early Dismissal = School dismisses at 11:50am.  You can sign up for text or

e-mail alerts on the county website at You’ll be glad you did - I promise!

Morning Arrival Reminder Just a friendly reminder that when a school bus is in the traffic circle, cars CANNOT enter the circle.  When I (or any another staff member) is directing traffic, please follow the directions given.  If a bus is in the circle, incoming traffic will be directed to go through the parking lot.  Once the bus or buses have cleared the traffic circle, then we can have cars travel around it.  Also, please do NOT do U-turns on Sherwood, ESPECIALLY near where I am standing to direct traffic.  U-turns in that area are dangerous for cars, but EXTREMELY dangerous to the person standing out in the middle of the road. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation – it is most appreciated.    

Cold Weather Has Arrived     With cooler temperatures comes warmer clothing, typically in the form of jackets, hats, and gloves.  Please know that we will still be going outside for recess, unless the temperature is below freezing.  We remind children several times a day to make sure they have all of their jackets, hats, and gloves at the end of the day.  Inevitably, children have a way of misplacing things.  Any items that have gone missing are typically in the lost and found bin, in the area next to the multipurpose room. Feel free to come take a look for any missing items; just please be sure to check in at the front office before doing so.  

PGCPS Lottery for Charter Schools is Now Open     The Charter School Office is now accepting online applications for the 2017-18 school year. All Prince George’s County families can apply and applications are available at are 10 PGCPS Public Charter schools with academic programs for students in grades K-12:  North Elementary-Chesapeake Math, Information and Technology (K-5); North-Chesapeake Math, Information and Technology (6-12); South-Chesapeake Math, Information and Technology (6-9); College Park Academy (6-10); EXCEL Academy(K-8); Imagine Andrews (K-8); Imagine Foundation@Leeland (K-8); Imagine Foundation @ Morningside (K-7); Imagine Lincoln (K-8); and Turning Point Academy (K-8). To attend a Public Charter Schools Open House Information Session, please visit for a complete schedule. To learn more about the specialty programs and their application deadlines, please visit:

Ellen Morgan R.N.            News from the Health Room           240-547-4611

With 2017 quickly approaching, please consider some of these healthy New Year’s resolutions!

1. I will always wear a helmet when riding a bike or scooter, rollerskating, or skateboarding.

2. I will find an activity that I enjoy such as playing a sport, dancing, or riding a bike, and do it at least three times a week.

3. I will talk to a parent or trusted adult when I feel stressed.

4. I will always tell an adult about any bullying I know of so everyone stays safe at school.

I would also like to express how much joy the families at Bond Mill have given me and wish you all a joyous and healthy New Year! 

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