Prince George's County Public Schools
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pawblu.gif Office Staff
Principal     Mr. Justin FitzGerald       
Secretary   Ms. Christine Folks
Bookkeeper      Ms. Lucy Ertter
Nurse    Ms. Ellen Morgan     


pawblu.gif Classroom Teachers
K    Ms. Allison Burke      2  Ms. Desnee Cole      4  Ms. Umbrenda Fisher    
K     Ms. Katherine Heike 2 Ms. Patti Oldham 4    Mr. Bill Haslup 
K       Ms. Marlee Shadman  2      Ms. Mandy Stepp     4           
K   Ms. Stephanie Scepura  2 Mr. Chris Zak 5 Ms. Tracey Lally
1   Ms. Chantel Collins 3     Ms. Donna Albrecht       5       Mr. Glen Belton         
1    Ms. Christy Hyder 3    Ms. Courtney Folks   5       Ms. Brittany Bolin
1  Ms. Jackie Nole  3    Ms. Stacie Vernor 5      
1 Ms. Heather Peel   3

Ms. Julia Hobson



ESOL   Ms. Polly Gould   
Guidance Counselor   
Instructional Lead Teacher Ms. Christina Moran
Media Specialist   Ms. Eileen Knieriem   
 - Instrumental  Mr. Patrick FitzGerald   
 - Vocal   Ms. Rolanda Brown   
 - Vocal  Mr. Larry Williams
NurseMs. Ellen Morgan
Occupational Therapist   Ms. Debbie Carr   
P.E.Mr. Devon Lesniak
Psychologist  Ms. Abbie Fenicle 
Reading Specialist   Ms. Annette Mosier   
Special Education Teachers:     
 - Resource   Ms. Sherry Browner   
 - Resource  Ms. Kathy Jacobs   
  - ResourceMs. Aleshia Lanfair
 - Paraprofessional   Ms. Kathy Hass
   - ParaprofessionalMs. Robin South
 - Classroom AssistantMs. Kelly Krause
 - Classroom Assistant Ms. Jennifer McLaughlin
 - Classroom Assistant Ms. Virginia Rinker
Speech Language Pathologist    Ms. Pat Gager    
Technology   Ms. Kristen Ruiz
Before/After Care Coordinator    Ms. Alyce Shenk    
Building Maintenance:        
 - Supervisor    Mr. Orville Claibourn    
 - Night Lead    Mr. Marion Powell  
 - Swing    Mr. Willie Page
 - Manager   Ms. Christina Stotler    
 - Assistant    Ms. Cheryl Feeser    
 - Assistant    Ms. Debbie Greenwood    



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