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Linda Thomas

Mrs Linda Thornton Thomas
Board Member District 4


Mrs. Thomas was born in Kinsale, Virginia to James and Myrtle Thornton. She is a proud parent of four children.  She is supported by a caring husband, and a congregation of community, business and educational advocates in the metropolitan area.

During her high school and college years, she learned the value of solid work and dedication in the old-fashioned way—as a seasonal worker, a hospital food service worker, an office clerk, a food canning worker, and a housekeeper.  Every job offered Mrs. Thomas an opportunity to appreciate the intricacy of a diverse workforce, and taught me how to cultivate my employability skills to effectively survive in the real world.

Since college, Mrs. Thomas has had a reputation as someone who would support unpopular causes and lend an ear to others, whether pushing for financial support for the foster care program, opening doors of opportunities for the newly arrived, developing and funding programs for the elderly, or campaigning for quality education for children.  Throughout the years, she has served as a leader in many public and private schools, professional organizations, and outreach community programs. Mrs. Thomas has spent the past few years listening to her colleagues, neighborhood parents, business owners, the clergy, young adults, children and friends, and has organized enterprises to address teacher retention, union relations, curriculum construction, school management and other educational concerns facing our community today.

Her personal philosophy of education is centered on children.  She believes that education does make a difference in the life of a child.  Her many experiences in education as a  public school teacher,  Department of Defense teacher, principal, home/school/community specialist, educational program specialist for the United States Department of Education, charter school consultant and principal, and child and parent advocate will provide has provided her with the expertise needed to soundly and knowledgeably address educational issues presently facing our schools.

As School Board Member for District 4, she is soliciting your support to work diligently together to make our communities strong and vibrant. Her goal is to ensure that, through rigorous curricula and the selection of highly qualified teachers, Prince George’s County Public Schools will produce students who will be exceptionally well prepared for life in college and beyond. It is also her goal that they will be prepared for their journey with a sense of responsibility, a sense of stewardship, a sense of inquiry, and a sense of self.


Together we can erase “run of the mill” education and offer a more hopeful and profitable future . . . today.


Serving you and the children of Prince George’s County.