Mrs. Aisha Mahoney, Principal


Name     Mrs. B. Aisha Mahoney Ms. Mahoney
Title Principal
Bio I began my career as a dedicated educator with Prince George’s County Public Schools in 2005.  During my career, I have served in many capacities within the school system to include: middle school Reading and Language Arts instructor, mentor teacher, academic dean, instructional coach, Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) Coordinator. It has been a honor to serve as Principal of Bladensburg High School since July of 2012.  During my three year service at Bladensburg I was able to move in different capacities. I worked with the school leadership team to use data to drive instruction. With stakeholders we developed a vision that supports a culture of high academic achievement for all students.  This resulted in an engaging and collaborative learning environment.  We believe that “Parents are our Partners” and have a vital role in creating this culture.  With multiple career academies and support systems in place, we are determined to be a Great School with a Great Staff, and Great Community….. Because we are Great by Choice!
  • English 9
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • School COunselors
  • School Public Relations
  • PTSA Liaison
  • SST Chairperson
  • School Partnerships
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