• General Responsibilities


    Area Administrator
    Grades 9 - 12/Last Name Aba-Chi Mr. Childs
    Grades 9-12/Last Name Cic-Ham Ms. Colbert
    Grades 9-12/Last Name Han-Mem Ms. Hall
    Grades 9-12/Last Name Men-Roo Ms. P. Davis
    Grades 9-12/Last Name Ros-Zur Mr. Jackson 
    Academy of Architecture and Design Ms. Hall
    Academy of Health & Bioscience Mr. Jackson
    Academy of Hospitality and Tourism Mr. Childs
    Advanced Placement Ms. Mahoney
    AJROTC Mr. Childs
    Arts Mr. Childs
    AVID Ms. Colbert
    Behavior & Discipline Mr. Parker
    Building Services Ms. Mahoney 
    Community Partnerships Ms. Mahoney
    English     Ms. Colbert
    ESOL Ms. P. Davis 
    Field Trips Mr. Childs
    Freshman Academy Ms. Colbert
    Guidance Ms. Mahoney
    Mathematics Ms. P. Davis and Ms. Mahoney 
    Music Ms. Hall
    PBIS and Attendance/Truancy Mr. Parker
    Physical Education/Health Mr. Childs
    Science Mr. Jackson
    School Security  Mr. Parker
    Social Studies Ms. Hall
    Special Education Ms. Hall 
    Substitutes Mr. Childs
    Student Accountability Center Mr. Parker
    Student Government Association Ms. Hall
    World Languages Mr. Parker