President Obama visits Microbiology! 


AP Biology Students model the process of DNA replication!


Science - Department Chairs: Imelda Quijano



Austin, Angela

 Chemistry and Environmental Science 

Capra, Laura

AP Biology and Biology HSA

Consaul, Aerolyn

Biology HSA, Biomedical Innovation      

 De Peralta, Ann Marie 

 Biology HSA, Human Body Systems, and Medical Interventions
Frianeza, Rowena

Biology HSA and Principles of Bio-Science

Gainer, Gordon

Physics and Environmental Science

Gumapac, Maria

 Biology CT

 Williams, Kecia

Biology HSA and Forensic Science

Herrera, Willy

Biology ESOL and ITS ESOL

Koch, Ryan

Biology HSA, AP Environmental Science 

Quijano, Imelda

Biology ESOL

Rivera, Evelyn
Environmental Science and ITS ESOL 

Tigas, Emma

AP Chemistry and Chemistry

Ybanez, Fides

Chemistry and Organic Chemistry 
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