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Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative at School 


Your PTSA Executive Board wants to hear from you!

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to get involved, feel free to reach out to any of the Board members.

Selita Bennett-White, President - myson02[@]

Rosalia Osceola, Vice President - rosaliaosceola[@]

Renee Bangura, Treasurer -renee5513[@]

Clarice Baux, Recording Secretary - clarice.baux[@]

Leslie King, Delegate 1 - leslie.king[@] 

Denise Brown, Delegate 2 -  momaneice[@]

Join the PTSA! 

 Are you interested in getting more involved with your child's school? Join the Parent Teacher Association! We meet the third Tuesday of every month from 5:00-7 pm in the cafeteria. 

¿Está interesado en involucrarse con la escuela de su hijo? Únase a la Asociación de Padres y Maestros! Nos reunimos el trecer martes de cada mes de 5:00-7 pm en la cafeteria. 

 This program is designed to remove barriers to academic success, support improved academic performance and connect student and families to resources. A referral form must be submitted prior to receiving services from the following programs. 

Community Resource Advocate 
Ms. Fiona Williams, MSW serve as Community Resource Advocate. Families can receive services and support necessary to mitigate social and/or emotional issues that may negatively affect a child's ability to attend school fully available to learn. 240-495-0520 (work cell) 
Advanced Behavioral Health 
Ms. Sharryl Jackson, LCSW-C serves children and families with a range of mental health concerns and emotional issues. ABH seeks to reduce/ eliminate risks for placement, custody relinquishment, and further decline in health and well being with mentally impaired families struggling with drugs, violence, abuse, defiance, crime, indifference, and run away behaviors.  

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection
Mr. Chauncey Miller and Ms. Carlad Aparicio help students stay in school, graduate from high school, and progress to post-secondary education. HW-SC provides individual counseling, advocacy, academic support and enrichment, life skills, employment-readiness, and after-school jobs. and  

Maryland Multicultural Youth Center: Promotor Pathway
Mr. Randolph Meekins serves as Promotor Pathway Youth Advocate to vulnerable youth between ages of 14-24. The program focuses on increasing academic success, successful transition to work or completion of vocational or technical education, and improvement in the practice of healthy behaviors and decreases in risk-taking behaviors.

 Policies and Procedures
 Weekly Chatter
  We have a new grading policy to support the academic success of our students. It allows students who make a good faith effort and still fall short, to get a second chance. Read more here. 

 Meet the Wrap Around Services Team!
Beth Davis
  •  Parent Engagement Assistant
Randolph Meekins
  • Promotor (Latin American Youth Center)
Sharryl Jackson
  • School Therapist (Advanced Behavioral Health)
Fiona Williams
  • Community Resource Advocate


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