• Men Make a Difference Day

    Men Make a Difference Day

    On October 9, 2017 Benjamin Tasker Middle School (BTMS) is continuing the PGCPS tradition of Men Make a Difference Day.  BTMS will be hosting a day of events that encourages fathers, male guardians, and other significant male role models to participate in special activities with students, observe their child’s or family member’s classroom, and get involved in the excitement of teaching and learning.  This year, our focus is our community! On this day, we are asking that our guests to help us rebuild our courtyard by painting our tables and benches, clearing the court yard and planting.

    We are cordially extending an invitation for you to join us in a day of volunteering. From the moment students arrive to when they are dismissed, you will be a valuable asset to our community. The goal is to let our students be surrounded with people who are committed to supporting and encouraging their education. Your participation is needed and appreciated.

    Important Note: Upon your arrival you will be asked to show identification with your picture. To ensure the safety of our students, it is imperative that you only interact with students in the classrooms, cafeteria, and gymnasium.

    RSVP by October 6, 2017 via email, fax or personal delivery. For more information please contact Ms. Robyn Jones at robyn.jones@pgcps.org or call 301-805-2660.

    Click here to download the sign-up form.