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Glencoe Textbook Site

1.  Click on the hyperlink above.
2.  On this page under Mathematics: Applications and Concepts, you will choose between the following:
     6th Grade   Course 1 @ 2004
     7th Grade   Course 2 @ 2004
     8th Grade   Course 3 @ 2004
3.  Once on this page, click Online Student Edition
4.  Type in the password:
     6th grade    Username: MAC104   Password:  STaspEdUw2
     7th grade    Username: MAC204   Password:  traD5U8uP3
     8th grade    Username: MAC304   Password:  C6enesujak

Science Textbook Companion Site

1. Click on the hyperlink above.
2.  Select the textbok for your child's grade level.

Grade 6-Nature of Science and Technology, Environmental Science, Inside the Earth, Sound and Light, Electricity and Magnetism, Animals

Grade 7- From Bacteria to Plants, Earth's Changing Surfaces, Chemical Building Blocks, Human Biology and Health, Motion/Forces/Energy    

Grade 8- Cells/Heredity, Astronomy, Earth's Waters, Weather/Climate

Language Arts


1.  Click on the URL address above.
2.  Click Language Arts in Step One, Maryland in Step Two, Go in Step Three.
3.  Select the textbook for your child's grade level. There are two textbooks for each grade level: Language of Literature(reading) and Language Network(grammar).

Social Studies
Pearson Social Studies (Grades 6 and 7)
www.classzone.com (Grade 8)

Grade 6 and 7 Directions:
1. Click on the first hyperlink above.
2.  Use the dropdown menu to select the state (MD) and the textbook program(World Studies-Grade 6and 7) or (History of Our World-Grade 7)
3.  Select the core textbok for your child's grade level.
     Grade 6- World Studies: Foundations of Geography
     Grade 6- World Studies: United States and Canada
     Grade 6- World Studies: Latin America
     Grade 7- World Studies: Eastern Hemisphere
     Grade 7- History of Our World: The Early Ages
4.  Once you are on the site you will select the textbook to gain access to many activities. 

Grade 8 Directions:
1.  Click on the URL address above.
2.  Click Social Studies, select Maryland from the dropdown menu, and Find Your Book.
3.  Click on your child's book Creating America: Beginnings through Reconstruction.
4.  Click the chapter that your child is currently studying in school.
5.  There are many related activities including: Writing about History, Chapter Links, Crossword puzzles, Flip cards, and Chapter Quizzes.

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