• WalkingWorks Challenge

    Welcome to the Walking Works 2018 Spring Walking Challenge!

    In partnership with CareFirst, the PGCPS Benefits Services office is encouraging employees to participate in the annual WalkingWorks Challenge.  All registered participants are eligible to receive a free pedometer (pedometers will be sent via the pony).  The challenge begins March 19th and ends May 11th.  Track your steps, distance, time walked, etc. on WalkingWorks.com and compete against other schools/offices within PGCPS.

    All interested participants will need to follow the steps below to register. EVERYONE will need to register as a new participant, regardless of past participation.

    To register:

    • Go to www.walkingworks.com
    • Click on “Register Now”
    • Complete the asteroid fields
    • Select “I’m participating with my company”
    • For Plan, Select “Maryland, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield”
    • For Group, Select “Prince George’s County Public Schools”
    • For Program, Select “2018 Spring Walking Challenge”
    • For Team, Select your school or work location

    ** If any participants have any needs to reset their password/unlock their account in the future, please reach out to WalkingWorksProg@bcbsa.com.

    All participants will receive an email welcoming them to the program and requesting a response back only if they will need a pedometer. Pedometers will be ponied to the school/locations during the weeks of registration.

    We will need one main point of contact at every school/location to send the requested pedometers, with corresponding list of names, to each week for distribution. The participants will then be given the point of contacts name to go by and pick up their pedometer. The point of contact is NOT required to find the participants to distribute the pedometers, participants will come to them for their pedometer.

    Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions about this program or if you would like to set up a meeting with the wellness team to discuss how we can support ongoing wellness initiatives at your school/location.

    Have a healthy day!

    Wearable integration instructions: