• Uniform Policy

     Slacks:  All slacks must be appropriately sized to eliminate bagging or sagging.   

    Slacks are worn at the natural waistline.  No CARGO pants.  Female and male students wear solid colored slacks in: 


                                   Navy Blue


    Shorts:  Female and male students wear shorts that must be fingertip length (12 inches below the buttocks), in accordance 

    with the PGCPS Dress Code Policy. (#0600 Aug 1, 2006) No CARGO shorts. Solid colored shorts in:

                                     Navy Blue               



    Skirts:   Female students wear solid colored skirts that are worn at the natural waistline that must be fingertip length 

    (12 inches below the buttocks and no ruffles, no lace, no stretch), in accordance with the PGCPS Dress Code Policy.

                   product photo

    NOTE:   Uniform style skirts should NOT be form-fitted.  Jumpers or dresses are permitted.

    Polo Style Shirts:   Female and male students wear solid colored shirts and may choose short or long sleeve.  

    Shirts must be tucked into pants, skirts, or shorts.  Solid colored shirts in:

    • Navy Blue                                   Light Blue                                                         White

     navyb2  lightb       Image result for white uniform shirts


    Belts:   Female and male students wear solid colored belts in:

    • Black                                             Brown     

     belt1  Belt2


    NOTE:   No ornamental belts (ie bullets/metals, no design); No electronic belt buckles or buckles that display graphics.  No glitter or metallic colored belts. 

    Socks:   Socks worn with skirts must be ankle fold or knee length.  Female and male students wear solid socks in:

    • Black
    • Blue
    • White 

    NOTE:   No other colors are permitted.  Socks displaying designs or that display graphics are unacceptable.  Female students are permitted to wear leg warmers in black only.

    Tights:   Female students wear solid tights in:

    • Black
    • Blue
    • White

    NOTE:   No other colors are permitted.  Tights displaying designs or that display graphics, fishnet holes, etc. are unacceptable.

    Shoes:   Students wear solid shoes in:

    • Black                                        Blue                              Brown                                             White


    blac blu1  bro     whi

    NOTE:   No other colors are permitted.  No open toe shoes or sandals are permitted. 

    Head Coverings:   As is stated in the PGCPS System-Wide Dress Code for Students, “Headdress may be worn indoors for religious or health reasons only.”

    Compliance:   These Styles and fabrics are NOT permitted:

    • No visible or logos on any article of clothing are allowed. 
    • No stretch, tight, or form-fitted clothing.
    • No baggy slacks.
    • No jeans or denims.
    • No slippers or flip flops.
    • No Sunglasses are to be worn inside the building
    • No “creative” (cut-out holes, rips, drawings, etc) alterations to any clothing