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    Arrowhead Elementary School 




    Our Vision

    At Arrowhead Elementary School, we believe that students come first.  Through character development, rigorous academics, meaningful learning, and effective instruction, all students will be college and career ready.  While meeting individual needs, teachers and staff will provide a safe and successful environment, and a sense of community.  Above all else, there will be respect for all cultural and learning differences.


    Our Core Beliefs

    We believe that:


    •    School should teach academics, character, and life skills to fully prepare students to go out into the world.
    •   A good school is one that provides a safe environment, rigorous instruction, and fosters an environment of success for all students.
    • A successful student is able to be motivated and learn to their full potential.
    •   An effective classroom is one in which every student is treated fairly, provides meaningful instruction, and a sense of community.
    • A good school staff member is one who is supportive, consistent, knowledgeable, and respectful to all members of the learning community.
    •   An effective school faculty is one that is united, open-minded, has an open door policy and develops good relationships in the community, with families, and with students.



    Our Motto:

    “Be positive. Be peaceful. Be productive.  The choice is yours.”