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Area II Office
Last modified: 8/7/2014 12:05:30 PM

Helen Coley
Associate Superintendent
K - 8, AREA II
John E. Howard

301-669-6060 (phone)
301-669-6063 (fax)


Instructional Director 6 

Instructional Director 7 

Instructional Director 8  

Jeffrey Holmes, Gwynn Park MS 

Brian Baudoin, Kettering MS, Room 133

Chris Mills, Kettering MS, Room 129 

301-372-3431 (phone)

301-333-1018 (phone)

301-333-1018 (phone)  

301-372-3435 (fax)

301-333-0673 (fax)

301-333-0673 (fax)  

Accokeek Academy

Cesar Chavez Elementary

Beacon Heights Elementary  

Baden Elementary

Chillum Elementary

Carrollton Elementary  

Barney Manor Elementary

Imagine Andrews Public Charter 

Charles Carroll Middle  

Benjamin Stoddert Middle  

Imagine Foundation @ Leeland PC

Cooper Lane Elementary 

Brandywine Elementary

Imagine Foundation @ Morningside PC       

Edward M. Felegy Elementary 

Clinton Grove Elementary

Imagine Lincoln Public Charter 

Glenarden Woods Elementary  

Fort Washington Forest Elementary    

Lewisdale Elementary

Hyattsville Elementary

Gwynn Park Middle

Nicholas Orem Middle

Hyattsville Middle 

Hillcrest Heights Elementary

Paint Branch Elementary

Judith P. Hoyer Montessori

John Hanson French @ Shugart 

Robert Goddard French Immersion

Lamont Elementary 

John Hanson Montessori 

Robert Goddard Montessori

Mt. Rainier Elementary 

Overlook Elementary

Rosa L. Parks Elementary

Thomas S. Stone Elementary 

Panorama Elementary

Springhill Lake Elementary

Woodridge Elementary

Potomac Landing Elementary

University Park Elementary



Instructional Director 9  

Instructional Director 10  


Maria Smith, Gwynn Park Middle 

C. Michael Robinson, John E. Howard  


301-372-3431 (phone)  

301-669-6060 (phone)  


301-372-3435 (fax)  

301-669-6063 (fax)  


Apple Grove Elementary 

Allenwood Elementary


Avalon Elementary 

Carmody Hills Elementary 


Flintstone Elementary 

Columbia Park Elementary


Forest Heights Elementary  

Cora L. Rice Elementary


Fort Foote Elementary 

Dodge Park Elementary


Glassmanor Elementary  

G. James Gholson Middle


Indian Queen Elementary 

Gladys Noon Spellman Elementary


Isaac J. Gourdine Middle 

Highland Park Elementary


J Frank Dent Elementary 

Princeton Elementary


Oxon Hill Elementary  

Robert R. Gray Elementary  


Oxon Hill High  

Samuel Chase Elementary  


Oxon Hill Middle

Seat Pleasant Elementary 


Rose Valley Elementary

Thurgood Marshall Middle  


Tayac Elementary 



Valley View Elementary