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Online Resources 

  • Stop Bullying Now! – U.S. Department of Education's anti-bullying website includes resources on preventing, identifying, and responding to bullying. 
  • – information and resources on bullying for individuals and organizations
  • – free anonymous bully reporting services and resources for students, parents and schools
  • Coalition for Children – information and resources for families and educators on bullying, abuse and abduction prevention
  • National School Safety Center – information on school safety and crime prevention
  • – information and resources for administrators and educators to share at their schools

Cyber Bullying Resources 


  • Bullying at School: What We Know and What We Can Do – Olweus, D., Hazelton Press, 1993
  • Bullying in Secondary Schools: What It Looks Like and How to Manage It – K. Sullivan, M. Cleary & G. Sullivan, Corwin Press, 2005.
  • Understanding Girl Bullying and What to Do About It – J. Field, J. Kolbert, et. al., Corwin Press, 2009. 

Print Resources 

Office Information

Desann Manzano-Lee
Instructional Specialist



1) Complete the Bullying, Harassment and Intimidation Reporting Form.
2) Keep one copy and give one copy to school staff so they can start an investigation.
3) Request a meeting after the investigation to discuss findings and develop a plan of support.

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