Student Uniform


Student Uniform

  • Black slacks or black khaki pants - no jeans, no sweat pants, no skinny jeans or pants, no spandex, no shorts or Capri pants, no denim or jean style even in dress pant material.
  • Black belt (plain black belt) no bottle tops, bullets other decoration on the belt or overly ornate buckles
  • Gray polo style shirt - short sleeve or long sleeve - boys or men’s shirts only (even for the girls -no girl's shirts)
  • Black socks or black hose
  • Black shoes - all black (no other color - including clear, should be visible on the shoe) boots, dress shoes or tennis shoes. No crocks, Uggs (brand or style), sandals, slides, flip-flops or bedroom shoes
  • No hats, scarves or other head coverings are allowed at school
  • No facial piercings of any kind


Please know and follow the following conditions with regard to how you wear your student uniform.


Your pants must fit properly. They cannot be too large or too tight. They must sit at your natural waistline and be secured by a belt (if they have belt loops). Female students may opt to wear a black skirt. The skirt must come at least to the knee and if there is a split~ it must come at least to the knee.


Your shirt must fit properly, not run too large or too small. If the shirt has any emblem or monogram, it must not be any larger than 1 inch square. Shirts must be solid gray - no stripes or patterns. Your shirt must be large enough to remain tucked into your pants or skirt even if you raise your arms over your head; but not so large that it can not be neatly tucked in and your belt visible.


Additional Conditions


Students may not wear anything over or under the polo shirt. If it is cold in the building, students may choose to wear a black (solid black only) sweater. The sweater can be a pullover or a cardigan/coat style sweater. No hoods on the sweater.


No sweatshirts, thermal underwear shirts, long-sleeve t-shirts or other types of shirts are allowed. No hats, scarves or head coverings are to be worn in school. In addition, students may not wear suspenders, bow ties, or neckties.


Students who wear earrings and other jewelry must adhere to the following conditions:


Earrings must be gold, silver or black in color - no other colors are allowed. They cannot be any larger than the size of a quarter. Excessive jewelry, this means more than one bracelet or necklace, is not to be worn to school. (This includes rubber bands; jelly bracelets and other items). Student may not wear Rosary Beads during the school day.

Student uniforms can be purchased from the merchant of your choice, however, we have shopped around and we know that most uniform items can be found at Wal-Mart, Target, Macys and a variety of other stores.


Suggested items:

Dickies work style pants (not the jean style or the skinny jeans/pants), Dockers pants, or other basic "dress" pants. We are referencing the brand names for style not as a requirement for a particular brand. Men’s or boys polo shirt (gray- in color - must have a collar and standard 3 buttons). Shoes must be all black shoes - dress shoes, "hike" style boots or all black tennis shoes are acceptable. Payless also has a variety of all black tennis shoes, dress shoes and boots that are all black that students can choose to complete their uniform.


Personal Grooming Standard

Shirts must be tucked in; pants must be secured at the waist with a belt. Pants must be pulled up. Undergarments should not be visible under your pants or your shirt. Only one pair of pants may be worn. If students have on shorts or other pants under or over their black pants they will be required to remove them upon arrival to school. Your shirt must be tucked in and remain tucked in throughout the school day.


Hair must be neatly styled at all times. Hair must be your natural color - no streaks, patches, or weaved sections of other colors are allowed.  If your hair is braided, it must be completely braided prior to your arrival at school. Students will not be allowed to have their hair "half in and half out". Students should not braid or unbraid their hair during the school day. Ultimately, your hair must be styled in a manner that is not deemed by staff to cause a distraction.

Students will not be allowed to carry book bags or purses during the school day. They will have to be left in the coatroom. Students who arrive to school and are not properly attired will need to be picked up or have a change of clothing delivered to the school immediately. All students and their belongings are subject to search at any time during the school day.


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