Contacts:  Responsibilities

Esther Bush

Phone: 301-952-6171

Email: esther.bush

*Accounts Payable Manager - Manage the AP department. Ensure compliance of company policies and procedures; Invoice Aging and Statement review; Oracle system maintenance; test and implement changes; Vendor Relations; AP statistics. Back-up for any position, as needed

Wanda Smith

Phone: 301-952-6283

Email: wanda2.smith

*Accountant II -All payments and Payment related functions, Invoice Hold resolution,  1099 Process:  AP Stats; F&N invoices - A thru E.  Back-up for AP Manager and Account Clerk III, and any other position, as needed

  Sarah Harrris

Phone: 301-952-6364

Email: sarah3.harris

*Account Clerk III - iExpense, Non-Local Travel and all other Employee Type Reimbursement, DAs,(except Legal invoices) and F&N Invoices F thru Z. Back-up for Accountant II.

Allison Chung 

Phone: 301-952-6167

Email: Allison.chung

*Account Clerk II –  B, D, Q, S, X, Y, (Back up for 1099 Process) 
Natasha Cohen 

Phone: 301-952-6163  

Email: ncohen

Account Clerk II –  A, E, G, J, K, L, N R, T(except KNeal)

Sandi Brown

Phone:  301-952-6104

Email: casandra.brown  

*Account Clerk II – I, O, P, U, V, W, Z   

Debbie Plunkett

*Happy Retirement

Michelle Brooks


*Account Clerk II –  (ON LEAVE)

Susan Frisby

Phone: 301-952-6173

Email:  susan.frisby

*Account Clerk II –Acting  C, F, H, M, and KNeal. (Back up for OfficeMax and Staples, Treasury Totals,  Imaging)

Pamela Weaver

Phone:  301-952-6164  

Email:  Pam.weaver  

*Data Entry/Filing Clerk -  

 New Vendors/Vendor Changes,  Record Retention/Imaging/filing;Backup for Front desk, and Account Clerk I tasks)

Fatima Trent 

Phone: 301-952-6874

Email: fatima.Trent

*Clerk I- Open,  Stamp and Distribute Mail. Handles all incoming calls, order Office Supplies, Maintain Log of Invoice entry Batches.  Maintain incoming log of DAs( Backup for Filing)

 Nickoya Hoyte

Phone: 301-952-6165

Email:  nickoya.hoyte

*Account Clerk I– Treasury Totals; All Statements and Stop Payments: (Back up for Employee Reimbursement review; Imaging and Front Desk Coverage)




Accounts Payable Office
Sasscer Administration Building, Rm 130
(301) 952-6160
(301)952-6166 - fax

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