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Teacher Evaluation Systems

Teacher Evaluation Systems 

The following description of the teacher evaluation system explains how PGCPS uses evaluation results in decisions regarding each of the following:  teacher professional development, compensation, promotion, retention and removal.

There are three general categories of teachers in Prince George's County Public Schools – i.e. conditionally certified teachers, non-tenured certified teachers, and tenured certified teachers.  Teachers from any of the three general categories who receive a "needs improvement" or "unsatisfactory" interim rating are provided differentiated levels of support inclusive of, but not limited to, school-based and district-wide professional development and training. 

Conditional Teachers:  Conditional teachers receive four formal observations, an interim evaluation, and one final evaluation with the option to have a second interim evaluation each year.  If a conditional teacher receives a "satisfactory" rating and is currently making sufficient progress towards certification, the principal may request that the teacher return for an additional year.  If, on the other hand, the first formal observation is rated either "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement," an informal action plan is developed for the teacher in which school-based supports and professional development are provided to address performance deficiencies.  If the second formal observation also yields either an "unsatisfactory" or "needs improvement" rating, a formal action plan is developed with the assistance of the Area Executive Office.  The formal action plan includes mentoring, school-based and district-level professional development, and additional training to address performance deficiencies.  The administrator will conduct two additional observations, with the option of conducting a second interim evaluation prior to the final observation.   If the teacher receives an "unsatisfactory" final evaluation rating, they will be unable to return to teaching.   Conditional teachers have appeal rights. 

Non-Tenured Teachers:  Non-tenured certificated teachers follow the same observation and evaluation process as conditional teachers.  This process includes four observations, an interim evaluation, and a final evaluation.  The administrator has the option to extend the probationary period for an additional year beyond the required two years and one day of the next semester to earn tenure.  Teachers in this group also have appeal rights. 

Tenured Teachers:  Tenured teachers have one formal observation and one evaluation annually.  If a tenured teacher receives an "unsatisfactory" evaluation rating, s/he is automatically placed into a two-year performance improvement cycle which is almost identical to the cycle described for non-tenured teachers above.  The primary difference is that tenured teachers have two years to reach the "satisfactory" performance level, while non-tenured teachers have only one year to do so.  During the assistance period (or extended probation), tenured teachers receive two years of continuous support, including school-based mentoring and school-based and system-wide professional development.  If after these supports the teacher receives two consecutive "unsatisfactory" ratings, the teacher is moved to second class status and placed on extended probation.  Teachers on extended probation have their salaries frozen at the current grade and step levels.  If a teacher ultimately does not receive two consecutive "satisfactory" evaluation ratings at the end of the two years of extended probation, the teacher will be released from service.  Tenured teachers also have appeal rights. 

The table below lists each of the rating or performance levels in the LEA's performance evaluation systems, and the number and percentage of teachers rated at each performance rating or level.

Performance Rating or Level

Number of Teachers

Percentage of Teachers

Conditional Teachers rated




Non-tenured Certificated
teachers rated "unsatisfactory"




Tenured Teachers moved to
second class extended probation




Tenured Teachers terminated
 after extended probation





Terminated Subtotal




Meeting and/or

Exceeding Standards








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